Wanna know a secret?

Secret Deodorant for women promotes their new whole body deodorant spray in a new funny commercial

It’s no secret, Secret deodorant is one of the top selling antiperspirants and deodorant options on the market for women.

But Secret has recently let the cat out of the bag with one of their biggest secrets and its their new whole body deodorant spray with 72hr protection. The commercial opens with a woman asking viewers, “wanna know a secret?” She then positions herself closer to the camera and follows up with, “more than just my armpits stink!”

The hilarious commercial can be seen below.

Miles J. Edwards

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  1. so who is this actress and when will someone please cast her in the sitcom she deserves!?!?

    1. We don’t know who she is, but perhaps we can do a little research and have her do a commercial for the A.T.L. one day. Then she can tell us more secrets!!! 😉

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