Byron Allen offers Disney $10 Billion to buy ABC

After Paramount Global’s reported interest in possibly selling Black Entertainment Television (BET) and later pulling back on the idea, Media mogul Byron Allen has moved on to bigger fish.

It is now being reported that Disney is interested in possibly selling one of the largest broadcasting networks in the United States, The American Broadcasting Company… ABC. Disney has been the current owner of ABC since 1996.

Byron Allen and Tyler Perry all placed bids to purchase BET when Paramount Global announced the possible interest in selling it. After accumulating interest and creating a media blitz behind the possible sale. Disney announced that they were no longer interested in selling BET for now.

Now here we are with ABC and Allen has pitched his bid to buy the network for $10 Billion. Would Allen be successful this time around and with a much bigger purchase than BET?

Allen currently owns various ABC, NBC, and CBS-affiliated broadcast stations across the country and he also owns the Atlanta-based Weather Channel.

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