Xfinity’s New Storm-Ready WiFi Equipped with Cellular Back-Up Enabling Customers to Work and Stream Without Interruption

Our lives continue to depend more and more on the internet, and because of internet access to be strong and reliable for our regular needs. Have you ever been working in the middle of a storm and lose internet connection? Making matters worst is your internet connection could be possibly lost for hours.

Comcast has a new solution to that and it’s Xfinity’s new storm-ready wifi that is equipped with cellular backup. The device allows customers to continue to be connected to the internet for up to four hours during the time of a storm and down power. it works with Xfinity’s gateway to create a wall-to-wall network through the customer’s home.

Emily Waldorf, Senior Vice-President of Consumer Internet Services for Comcast Cable shares, “With so much of our daily lives dependent on WiFi connectivity, we knew our customers needed a product that could help keep them connected no matter what life throws at them – even during a storm. Waldrof goes on to say, “Storm-Ready WiFi is that solution. Not only does Storm-Ready WiFi extend coverage to deliver our best-in-class WiFi to hard-to-reach corners of the home, but it also gives customers the peace of mind that their connection at home can continue even when the power is out.”

The new Storm Ready wifi device is available for the one-time price of $252 or just $7 for a total of 36 months. There are no additional charges for the service.

Storm-Ready WiFi’s Key Features Usher in a New Era of Reliability:

Powered by the Xfinity 10G Network

The Xfinity 10G Network that powers Storm-Ready WiFi provides increased speed, capacity, reliability, and lower latency. Storm-Ready WiFi is just the beginning of the next-generation Internet experience Comcast will pioneer, with roll outs of multi-gig speeds to markets across the country planned for later this year.

Seamless, Always-On Connection and Unlimited Cellular Data

Storm-Ready WiFi automatically transitions to free unlimited cellular data during outages***. And its rechargeable back-up battery maintains reliable service for customers for up to 4 hours. 

Extended WiFi Coverage

In addition to providing back-up connectivity, Storm-Ready WiFi is one of the best WiFi extenders on the market today capable of delivering high-speeds over WiFi. It uses the Xfinity 10G Network and is WiFi 6-capable, which provides an added layer of strong, reliable WiFi coverage to help eliminate dead spots.

Quick, Easy Set Up with Auto Failover

Getting started with Storm-Ready WiFi is as simple as plugging it in and following the activation flow in the Xfinity app. No activation fees are required. The device simply integrates with customers’ existing Xfinity Gateway and WiFi network, as well as the Xfinity app, without any need to switch networks in-home. Any time the Storm-Ready WiFi transitions to cellular, customers will receive a notification and their devices will automatically maintain connectivity.

Recycled Materials
Comcast’s commitment to sustainable innovation includes reducing materials, increasing recyclability, and utilizing recycled materials in products. Storm-Ready WiFi is Comcast’s first device designed using recycled materials, with the casing made from 65% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Great Value

For the low price of $7 a month for 36 months, customers can purchase Storm-Ready WiFi that comes backed with WiFi extending capabilities that stretch speeds to all corners of the home, a back-up cellular connection, unlimited cellular data, a 4-hour back-up battery that gives customers the peace of mind that they’ll always be connected, even when the power goes out. 

Xfinity’s Storm-Ready WiFi is available for purchase today by visiting your local Xfinity store or by visiting

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