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Anthony Bracey, a man of many hats

Founder of Buckhead Boiz Parties and Geechee Hatz

These days in Atlanta, it is necessary to wear many hats. Such a task is challenging for some, but the job comes with ease for Anthony Bracey.

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Born in Gulf Port, Mississippi, and raised in New Orleans, Bracey moved to Atlanta during its old heydays of the early 90s. Originally a part of a musical quartet called, Bad Habits, pursuing a recording contract. The group broke up after bumping heads with one another. But Bracey continued his musical pursuits, but after a few hits and misses, he let the pursuit of music go.

Bracey creates parties in the local nightclubs for young professional adults and networking events for all. After juggling multiple jobs over the years, Bracey finds himself in promotions in the local club circuit. As the founder of Buckhead Boiz Parties, Bracey is known among his network of friends as “X, the promoter,” and he specializes in parties within the communities of Buckhead and Midtown.

But nowadays, Bracey is looking to slow down and get away from club life and maintain an easier way of life. Already well-known for his multiple hat juggling, Bracey has recently decided to put on another hat, but this time the actual one.

Bracey has decided to start a men’s attire company specializing in men’s hats. ‘I wanted to create something that was a representation of who I am and where I come from and allows me to share with others.”

Bracey says, “I’ve always had a lot of styles. I always was interested in dressing. Just interested in clothes in general. People would always give me a lot of compliments about what I had on and how I wore it. I don’t want to call myself a designer. I am just more/less giving you an extension of me.”

Bracey started Gheecee Hatz and caters to a niche market of local hat lovers.

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Bracey customizes customers’ hats by allowing them to choose their favorite base color for their hats and then input their creative style from there. His hats are loved so much that wherever he wears his hats out on the streets. Bracey is often stopped by strangers and asked about his hat. After learning that he is the hat designer in question, they are often brought off of him right there and there.

Located in Buckhead, Bracey is available for consultation with a Gheecie Hat of your own. He can be contacted on Instagram at BuckheadBoizParties.

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